A new piece of fan art gives fans a glimpse at what actor Colin Farrell could end up looking like when he plays Penguin in The Batman.

A new piece of fan art gives fans a glimpse at what Colin Farrell could end up looking like when he plays Penguin in The Batman. Farrell was cast as Oswald Cobblepot, also known as Penguin, in Matt Reeves’ The Batman earlier this year. The director announced the news in a humorous tweet, using a famous GIF of the actor.

The latest big screen version of The Dark Knight will be portrayed by Robert Pattinson, while Zoë Kravitz will appear as Catwoman, Paul Dano will play The Riddler, and Andy Serkis will take on the role of Alfred. Farrell’s casting points to a more realistic version of Penguin appearing in the film, in comparison to the more over-the-top, pantomime villain that Danny DeVito portrayed so well in Tim Burton’s Batman Returns back in 1992. However, fans still don’t know what Farrell will look like, as no official photos of him in costume have been released.

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Digital artist William Gray has created his own interpretation of the character in a piece of fan art posted to his Instagram page. Gray says he went for a “classic looking” version of the character, as opposed to DeVito’s Burton-esque version. You can see what Farrell might look like in the artwork below.

The look is certainly familiar to DC fans, featuring Penguin’s trademark monocle and an aristocratic cravat. However, it also makes Farrell look a bit older and chubbier than we’re used to seeing. The photoshop art was whipped up in just 50 minutes, according to Gray, but is still a remarkable piece of art.

Whether Reeves does in fact go for this look, or opts for something unique to his vision remains to be seen. Farrell has gone on record as saying we won’t see much of Penguin in The Batman, but that what we do see has a very specific “aesthetic”, something Farrell enjoyed creating. He also mentioned that he’s in a couple of “tasty scenes” in the film and can’t wait to return to filming.

The Batman is one of the productions that has been given the go-ahead to once again roll cameras, but there has been no news that production has in fact started again. The cast hasn’t disappeared during down time, though, with a number of them talking about the movie. Dano has called the script powerful and Pattinson said he wouldn’t be able to survive lockdown without the prospect of returning to work on the film. Kravitz echoes that sentiment, saying she wakes up every day hoping to resume filming. It’s clear the actors involved are excited about the project, and fans can’t wait to see whether The Batman lives up to expectations.

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Source: William Gray

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