Sisters Who Make Waves is a show that relies on the charisma and personality of the big sisters, so I wasn’t too fussed by the shoddy camerawork for the performance stages.

Up first is Ning Jing, Aduo and Cindy Yen’s Orchid Grass. This cover is stunning, and the empowering lyrics (different from the original) are a perfect representation of the performers:

Big Bowl Thick Noodles dance practice: Meng Jia, Wang Feifei, Jin Chen, Zhang Hanyun, Yu Kewei, Shen Mengchen, Lisi Danni.

It’s amazing how in sync they all are given the minimal training period, and the fact most of them aren’t active as dance performers

The performance version – I love how powerful this cover is.

Unrequited Love: Lan Yingying, Yumiko Cheng, Christy Chung, Bai Bing, Huang Ling

Mesmerising and confident. What more can I say?

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